Rope and Shock Cord


These ropes and shock cords are used on all ClearWater Design kayaks and SUPs.  You can select the type of rope or shock cord by clicking on the drop down menu.  They are sold by the linear foot.

1/8" Diamond Braid Polyester - used in our foot controlled rudders, to raise and lower the rudder blade
5/32" Dinghy Braid - used for static lines (non-elastic) on the decks of our kayaks
3/16" Diamond Braid Polyester - used for the handles on the Nunu
1/8" Polyester Shock Cord - used in our foot controlled rudders to tension the rope on the side of the kayak that raises and lowers the rudder blade
3/16" Polyester Shock Cord - used on the decks of all of our kayaks and SUPs, used to prevent the loss of the hatch lids, used to tension the sliding foot rails in our foot controlled rudder systems

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